Technology info and Things that might be usefull to know_

About my UV print

Dear friends, customers and visitors. Let me explain some technical specifications of my prints and general expectations of the print quality in a few very clear points =) for everyone to understand.

UV printing >
I use professional ROLAND UV printer to do the job. The thinnest line is about 0,1 - 0,15 mm!! Which means a 1mm tall text is hard to read by eye but super clear and sharp under a lens ;) The print Has improved dramatically since JUNE 2024 with the new ROLAND MACHINE. Old prints will be sold in discounted vlaue packs or given as giveaways to new orders. UV printing can print on a huge variety of materials and also on rugged or bent surfaces up to a distance of 4 mm from the printhead. (for example printing on LEGO heads is possible).

Centering >

Centering is a big thing and it´s very difficult to achieve a perfect center on every print. Therefore it may happen that some prints have a 0,5mm offcentering. This is really not possible yet to achieve on all prints. Imagine you have a 8x8mm part and try to print to the edge. A 0,1mm distance appears huge on such small part. If one side os off by 0,2mm the other is off comapred to it by 0,4mm which is really visible but here is really hard to achieve perfection. Therefore if you get a perfectly centered part take it as a treasure find not as a production standard ;)

Genral feel and look >
The UV print leaves a layer on top on the surface that is visible and is mostly matt. By printing over and over a 3D effect can be achieved. Generally when printing on black and dark parts they need primer + white + CMYK = it will be visible and even can be felt by touch. This is a diffrent technology than tampone print which is used by LEGO. Printing on white surfaces is faster and easier and not as visible because there is generally only 1 layer (also cheaper).

Scratch resistance >
The print is very durable but can be scratched by hard objects and removed by sanding. But in normal handling it is resistant enough to hold firmly. Materials liek glass and steel can be printed by adding a primer but still it´s not perfect. Comapred to printing on plastics it´s way less durable. 

Order handling and shipping times >
Every order needs to be printed. I try to keep all parts on stock but with the increasing variety and offer I ran out of parts here and there. Therefore if I don´t have the part I need to order them and delivery times take from 1-4 weeks. If the parts are onstock and need to be printed I can manage it all within a week. If all parts and prints are on stock I can send out already next day. But please if you need it urgently let me know and I will try my best.

Print your designs >

If you have a design, sticker, concept, idea, picture and you want to print it just contact me and I can do it. The file should IDEALLY be a vector from illustrator but a nice quality JPG is also OK. I can print already from 1 piece. I do not charge any extreme setup or designing costs if it´s not required. The only requirement here would be to order at least for 20€ including the printed part (excluding shipping). The price for the custom print is +4€ to the existing same item size/type in the store. This is to cover a test print.

I also print t-shirts with DTF technology, mugs or lego minifigures for weddings or just your own design. Anything can be done and if you are not sure write me anyway =)

Printed Capes >

Capes are printed with simmilar UV technology. Material is laser cut so there is no freying ;). The cut has no burns or other dirt on the sides. Material is mostly cotton, satin or any very flowy material which holds the color well. There are also some very special fabrics used that you can find in the shop like glittery, metallic and so on. See below o nthe knights. The left fabric is standard cotton yellow. The right one is a blue glossy satin with a premium feel.

Printed Minifigures >

I do print minifigure legs, torsos and heads. Currently working to add these to the shop but see below some examples from my MOC with the use of custom UV print. These are my GDI soldiers from the C&C universe. Specifically Tiberian Sun. A game I played a lot and modded hard! =D. Below also some knights from my village :D .. these can be spotted hiding around any tawern in my huge castle MOC!

3D >
I am starting to produce resin 3D printed high detailed parts as shown below. Once ready they will be available in the shop =)

Merch & MUGS and other >

Aside of LEGO I also focus on printing various merchandise items like t-shirts, mugs, key chains, notebooks and so on...

Below you can see a PRETTY COOL MUG of the finest coffee that some machine packed and sent to me through the whole ocean! Amazing don´t you think?! :D 




Something of my own production ...